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Sat, Feb 24, 2024

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Jul 26
Ambrosia at Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO, USA
  1. Rock n' a Hard Place
  2. You're the Only Woman
  3. Livin' on My Own
  4. And...
  5. Somewhere I've Never Travelled
  6. If Heaven Could Find Me
  7. Apothecary
  8. How Much I Feel
  9. Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  10. The Way It Is (Bruce Hornsby & the Range Cover)
  11. Doug's Song
  12. Take It to the Limit (Eagles Cover)
  13. Holdin' On to Yesterday
  14. Love Is Alive (Gary Wright Cover)
  15. Biggest Part of Me
  16. I'm Crying (The Animals Cover)
  17. Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf Cover)