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Sat, Feb 24, 2024

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Jul 22
Ambrosia at Hard Rock Live in Catoosa, OK, USA
  1. Time Passages (with Al Stewart)
  2. Year of the Cat (with Al Stewart)
  3. Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  4. You're the Only Woman
  5. Nights Are Forever Without You (with John Ford Coley) (England Dan & John Ford Coley Cover)
  6. We'll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again (with John Ford Coley) (Jeffrey Comanor Cover)
  7. I'd Really Love to See You Tonight (with John Ford Coley) (England Dan & John Ford Coley Cover)
  8. Holdin' On to Yesterday
  9. Biggest Part of Me
  10. This Time I'm in It for Love (with Peter Beckett) (Player Cover)
  11. How Long (with Peter Beckett) (Ace Cover)
  12. Baby Come Back (with Peter Beckett) (Player Cover)
  13. The Way It Is (Bruce Hornsby & the Range Cover)
  14. Love Is Alive (Gary Wright Cover)
  15. You're the Only Woman
  16. Love is the Answer (with John Ford Coley)
  17. Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf Cover)