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Sat, May 21, 2022

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Feb 9
Amaranthe, Apocalyptica, Sabaton at AFAS Live in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Amaranthe Helix
NOTE: Setlist incomplete and out of order
  1. Helix
  2. That Song / We Will Rock You (Queen Cover)
  3. The Nexus
  4. Amaranthine
  5. Digital World
  1. Ashes of the Modern World
  2. Path
  3. En Route to Mayhem
  4. Seemann (with Elize Ryd) (Rammstein Cover)
  5. I Don't Care (with Elize Ryd)
  6. Grace
  7. Seek & Destroy (Metallica Cover)
  8. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Edvard Grieg Cover)
  9. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)
Sabaton The Great Tour
NOTE: The Song "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" was professionally filmed and uploaded to the Band's YouTube Channel.
  1. Ghost Division
  2. Great War
  3. The Attack of the Dead Men
  4. Seven Pillars of Wisdom
  5. The Lost Battalion
  6. The Red Baron
  7. The Last Stand
  8. 82nd All the Way
  9. Night Witches
With Apocalyptica
  1. Angels Calling (with Apocalyptica)
  2. Fields of Verdun (with Apocalyptica)
  3. The Price of a Mile (with Apocalyptica)
  4. Dominium Maris Baltici (with Apocalyptica)
  5. The Lion From the North (with Apocalyptica)
  6. Carolus Rex (with Apocalyptica)
  1. Primo Victoria
  2. Bismarck
  3. Swedish Pagans
  4. To Hell and Back