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Fri, Mar 1, 2024

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Dec 2
Alice Cooper at House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ, USA
Alice Cooper No More Mr. Nice Guy
  1. Vincent Price intro
  2. The Black Widow
  3. Brutal Planet
  4. I'm Eighteen
  5. Under My Wheels
  6. Billion Dollar Babies
  7. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  8. Hey Stoopid
  9. Is It My Body
  10. Halo of Flies (with bass & drum solos)
  11. I'll Bite Your Face Off
  12. Muscle of Love
  13. Only Women Bleed (Orianthi short guitar solo as intro)
  14. Cold Ethyl
  15. Feed My Frankenstein
  16. Clones (We're All)
  17. Poison
  18. Wicked Young Man
  19. Killer ("Execution" excerpt only)
  20. I Love the Dead (Excerpt only)
  21. School's Out (Including snippet from "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" by Pink Floyd)
  1. Elected