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Sat, May 25, 2024

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Mar 3
Doro at Roxy in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Doro Conqueress - Forever Strong and Proud Tour 2024
  1. I Rule the Ruins (Warlock Cover)
  2. Children of the Dawn
  3. Burning the Witches (Warlock Cover)
  4. Fight for Rock (Warlock Cover)
  5. I Will Prevail
  6. Earthshaker Rock (Warlock Cover)
  7. Time for Justice
  8. Fire in the Sky
  9. Für immer (Warlock Cover)
  10. Raise Your Fist in the Air
  11. Guitar Solo
  12. All for You
  13. Hellbound (Warlock Cover)
  14. Drum Solo
  15. Above the Ashes
  16. Revenge
  17. All We Are (Warlock Cover)
  1. Breaking the Law (Judas Priest Cover)
  2. Love Me in Black