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Sat, Apr 13, 2024

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Feb 20
The Pineapple Thief at O2 Ritz in Manchester, England, UK
The Pineapple Thief It Leads to This
  1. The Frost (Live debut)
  2. Demons
  3. Put It Right (Live debut)
  4. Our Mire
  5. Versions of the Truth
  6. All That's Left (Live debut)
  7. Now It's Yours (Live debut)
  8. Dead in the Water (Rewired Version from Give It Back Album)
  9. Every Trace of Us (Live debut)
  10. It Leads to This (Live debut)
  11. Rubicon (Live debut)
  12. To Forget (Live debut)
  13. Give It Back (Rewired version)
  14. Fend for Yourself
  15. The Final Thing on My Mind
  1. In Exile
  2. Alone at Sea