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Sun, May 19, 2024

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Oct 12
Chevelle, Three Days Grace at Skyla Credit Union Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC, USA
  1. An Island
  2. Door to Door Cannibals
  3. Take Out the Gunman
  4. Self Destructor
  5. Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
  6. Young Wicked
  7. Joyride (Omen)
  8. Face to the Floor
  9. Piistol Star (Gravity Heals)
  10. The Clincher
  11. Forfeit
  12. Send the Pain Below
  13. Comfortable Liar
  14. The Red
  15. I Get It
  16. Mars Simula
Three Days Grace Explosions Tour
NOTE: Singer Matt Walst appeared to have injured himself at the end of the show when he landed incorrectly during a jump. He was not able to get up and walk afterwards and had to be assisted.
  1. Jump Around (House of Pain Cover)
  2. So Called Life
  3. Animal I Have Become
  4. I Am Machine
  5. Home
  6. The Good Life
  7. Pain
  8. The Mountain
  9. Painkiller
  10. World So Cold
  11. Just Like You (Two fans got on stage to sing along)
  12. Break
  13. Lifetime
  14. I Hate Everything About You
  15. Never Too Late
  16. Riot