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Tue, Feb 27, 2024

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Aug 25
Quiet Riot, Sebastian Bach at Sideouts in Island Lake, IL, USA
Quiet Riot 40 Years of Metal Health
  1. Run for Cover
  2. Slick Black Cadillac
  3. Mama Weer All Crazee Now (Slade Cover)
  4. I Can't Hold On
  5. Sign of the Times
  6. Love's a Bitch
  7. Condition Critical
  8. Thunderbird
  9. Party All Night
  10. Blackout in the Red Room (Love/Hate Cover)
  11. The Wild and the Young
  12. Let's Get Crazy
  13. Guitar Solo
  14. Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade Cover)
  15. Metal Health (Bang Your Head)
Sebastian Bach
  1. Big Guns (Skid Row Cover)
  2. Sweet Little Sister (Skid Row Cover)
  3. Here I Am (Skid Row Cover)
  4. 18 and Life (Skid Row Cover)
  5. Piece of Me (Skid Row Cover)
  6. The Threat (Skid Row Cover)
  7. American Metalhead (PainmuseuM Cover)
  8. Monkey Business (Skid Row Cover)
  9. Tom Sawyer (Rush Cover)
  10. I Remember You (Skid Row Cover)
  11. Slave to the Grind (Skid Row Cover)
  12. Stuck Inside
  13. In a Darkened Room (Skid Row Cover)
  14. Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row Cover)