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Wed, Jul 24, 2024

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Jun 17
Between the Buried and Me, Thank You Scientist at Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD, USA
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax II
NOTE: with Tristan Auman on guitar in place of Dustie Waring
The Parallax II: Future Sequence
  1. Goodbye to Everything
  2. Astral Body
  3. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
  4. Autumn
  5. Extremophile Elite
  6. Parallax
  7. The Black Box
  8. Telos
  9. Bloom
  10. Melting City
  11. Silent Flight Parliament
  12. Goodbye to Everything Reprise
Thank You Scientist
  1. Gigglebutton
  2. Intro (new song)
  3. Caverns
  4. Mr. Invisible
  5. Everyday Ghosts
  6. Terraformer