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Tue, Feb 27, 2024

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Apr 21
Toto at Humphreys in San Diego, CA, USA
Toto The Dogz of Oz
  1. Afraid of Love
  2. Hold the Line
  3. Falling in Between
  4. I'll Be Over You
  5. Keyboard Solo (Dominique "Xavier" Taplin)
  6. White Sister
  7. Georgy Porgy
  8. Pamela
  9. Kingdom of Desire
  10. Drum Solo (Robert "Sput" Searight)
  11. You Are the Flower
  12. Waiting for Your Love (Steve Maggiora on lead vocals)
  13. I'll Supply the Love (followed by band intros)
  14. Home of the Brave (after "Hakuna Matata" snippet from Joseph Williams)
  15. Rosanna
  16. Africa
  1. With a Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker version) (The Beatles Cover)