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Wed, Dec 1, 2021

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Jul 4
Faster Pussycat, Great White, L.A. Guns, Lita Ford, Night Ranger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Warrant at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD, USA
Faster Pussycat Straight Outta Quarantine Summer 2021
  1. Where There's a Whip There's a Way
  2. Cathouse
  3. Slip of the Tongue
  4. Ain't No Way Around It
  5. Pirate Love (The Heartbreakers Cover)
  6. Number 1 With a Bullet
  7. NOLA
  8. House of Pain
  9. Friends
  10. Bathroom Wall
  11. Shut Up and Fuck (Betty Blowtorch Cover)
  12. Babylon
Great White
  1. Desert Moon
  2. Lady Red Light
  3. Face the Day (The Angels Cover)
  4. House of Broken Love
  5. Mista Bone
  6. Save Your Love
  7. Hard to Say Goodbye
  8. Rock Me
  9. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter Cover)
L.A. Guns
NOTE: Steve Riley's version of L.A. Guns
  1. Over the Edge
  2. Never Enough
  3. Sex Action
  4. Wild Obsession
  5. Kiss My Love Goodbye
  6. Crawl
  7. All That You Are
  8. Lost Boys
  9. You Can’t Walk Away
  10. Well Oiled Machine
  11. Renegades
  12. The Ballad of Jayne
  13. Nothing Better to Do
  14. Electric Gypsy
Lita Ford
  1. Gotta Let Go
  2. Larger Than Life
  3. The Bitch Is Back (Elton John Cover)
  4. Hungry
  5. Playin' With Fire
  6. Can't Catch Me (with drum solo)
  7. Cherry Bomb (The Runaways Cover)
  8. Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper Cover)
  9. Close My Eyes Forever
  10. Kiss Me Deadly
Night Ranger
  1. Touch of Madness
  2. Four in the Morning
  3. Sing Me Away
  4. Coming of Age (Damn Yankees Cover)
  5. Rumours in the Air
  6. The Secret of My Success
  7. Why Does Love Have to Change
  8. Night Ranger
  9. High Enough (Damn Yankees Cover)
  10. When You Close Your Eyes
  11. Don't Tell Me You Love Me
  12. Sister Christian
  13. (You Can Still) Rock in America
Pretty Boy Floyd
  1. Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz
  2. Rock and Roll (Is Gonna Set The Night On Fire)
  3. Wild Angels
  4. 48 Hours
  5. Toast of the Town (Mötley Crüe Cover)
  6. Rock and Roll Outlaws
  7. Only the Young
  8. Your Mama Won't Know
  9. I Wanna Be With You
Warrant Cherry Pie 30th Anniversary Tour 2021
  1. Sure Feels Good to Me
  2. Love in Stereo
  3. Bed of Roses
  4. You're the Only Hell Your Mama Ever Raised
  5. I Saw Red
  6. Song and Dance Man
  7. Mr. Rainmaker
  8. Blind Faith
  9. Guitar Solo
  10. Train, Train (Blackfoot Cover)
  11. Down Boys
  12. D.R.F.S.R.
  13. Sometimes She Cries
  14. Heaven
  15. Uncle Tom's Cabin
  16. Cherry Pie