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Mon, Aug 8, 2022

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Aug 10
Alice in Chains, Korn at XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, CT, USA
Alice in Chains Rainier Fog
NOTE: Co-headlining tour with Korn
  1. Musica ricercata II (Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale) (Gy├Ârgy Ligeti Cover)
  2. Angry Chair
  3. Man in the Box
  4. Check My Brain
  5. Again
  6. Them Bones
  7. Dam That River
  8. Stone
  9. Never Fade
  10. No Excuses
  11. Down in a Hole (preceded by band introductions)
  12. Sludge Factory
  13. We Die Young
  14. The One You Know
  15. Would?
  16. Rooster
Korn The Nothing
NOTE: Co-headlining tour with Alice in Chains; J.R. Bareis subbed for Munky
  1. Take the Devil Out of Me (George Jones Cover)
  2. Here to Stay
  3. Blind
  4. Divine
  5. Rotting in Vain
  6. You'll Never Find Me
  7. Twisted Transistor
  8. Shoots and Ladders (with a snippet of 'One' by Metallica at the end)
  9. Got the Life
  10. Make Me Bad
  11. Somebody Someone
  12. Freak on a Leash
  1. 4 U
  2. Twist
  3. Coming Undone (with a snippet of 'We Will Rock You' by Queen)
  4. Falling Away From Me
  5. I'm in Love With My Car (Queen Cover)