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Wed, Jul 24, 2024

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Jun 22
Gorillaz at Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) in Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Gorillaz The Now Now Tour
NOTE: Billed as "The Now Now World Premiere". This show’s main set was later broadcast by Boiler Room on June 24, 2018. "Tranz", "Magic City", "Idaho" and "Kansas" from this show were later broadcast on NPR's "World Cafe" radio program in August 2018. Soundcheck: Hollywood
The Now Now
  1. Humility
  2. Tranz
  3. Hollywood (with Jamie Principle)
  4. Kansas (World premiere)
  5. Sorcererz
  6. Idaho
  7. Lake Zurich
  8. Magic City
  9. Fire Flies
  10. One Percent (World premiere)
  11. Souk Eye
  1. On Melancholy Hill
  2. Strobelite (with Peven Everett)
  3. Interlude: Elevator Going Up
  4. Andromeda (D.R.A.M. Special vocal outro)
  5. Stylo (and Bootie Brown) (with Peven Everett)
  6. Dirty Harry (with Bootie Brown)
  7. Feel Good Inc. (with De La Soul)
  8. Clint Eastwood