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Mon, Dec 4, 2023

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Jun 28
Ian Hunter & The Rant Band at Student Central in London, England, UK
Ian Hunter & The Rant Band
  1. That's When the Trouble Starts
  2. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter Cover)
  3. Fatally Flawed
  4. When I'm President
  5. Saint
  6. The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nuthin' but the Truth (Ian Hunter Cover)
  7. Morpheus
  8. Just Another Night (Ian Hunter Cover)
  9. Fingers Crossed
  10. All American Alien Boy (Ian Hunter Cover)
  11. Irene Wilde (Ian Hunter Cover)
  12. All the Way From Memphis (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  13. Ghosts
  14. Roll Away the Stone (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  15. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  16. 23A, Swan Hill (Ian Hunter Cover)
  17. Bastard (Ian Hunter Cover)
  18. Sweet Jane (The Velvet Underground Cover)
  1. Dandy
  2. Long Time
  3. Life / All the Young Dudes / Goodnight Irene