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Fri, Jul 1, 2022

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May 20
Todd Rundgren at Greenwich Odeum in East Greenwich, RI, USA
Todd Rundgren An Evening With Todd Rundgren 2016
  1. I Saw the Light
  2. Love of the Common Man
  3. Open My Eyes (Nazz Cover)
  4. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  5. Real Man
  6. Hammer in My Heart (Utopia Cover)
  7. Buffalo Grass
  8. Soothe
  9. Born to Synthesize
  10. Sweet
  11. I Don't Want to Tie You Down
  12. Drive (followed by 'Can We Still Be Friends' snippet)
  13. Bang the Drum All Day
  14. God Said
  15. Secret Society (Utopia Cover)
  16. Black Maria
  17. I'm So Proud (>) (The Impressions Cover)
  18. Ooo Baby Baby (The Miracles Cover)
  19. I Want You (Marvin Gaye Cover)
  20. Kiddie Boy (Nazz Cover)
  21. Lysistrata (Utopia Cover)
  22. One World (Utopia Cover)
  1. Black and White
  2. Hello It's Me (Nazz Cover)
  3. Love in Action (Utopia Cover)