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Wed, Dec 1, 2021

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Oct 25
Blackberry Smoke, Zac Brown Band at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Charlotte, NC, USA
Blackberry Smoke No Tour Assigned
  1. I'd Be Lyin'
  2. Six Ways to Sunday
  3. Good One Comin' On
  4. Pretty Little Lie
  5. Sleeping Dogs
  6. One Horse Town
  7. Ain't Got the Blues (with Levi Lowrey)
  8. Ain't Much Left of Me
Zac Brown Band
  1. Keep Me in Mind
  2. As She's Walking Away
  3. It's Not OK
  4. Uncaged
  5. No Hurry
  6. Who Knows
  7. Knee Deep
  8. Fox on the Run (Acoustic with Jimmy Edmunds & Wayne Henderson) (Tony Hazzard Cover)
  9. All Apologies (Acoustic) (Nirvana Cover)
  10. Martin (Acoustic with Lucas White)
  11. Sweet Emotion (Acoustic) (Aerosmith Cover)
  12. Free / Into the Mystic
  13. Whiskey's Gone
  14. Toes
  15. Colder Weather (with Brianna)
  16. Natural Disaster
  17. Jump Right In
  18. Goodbye in Her Eyes
  19. The Devil Went Down to Georgia (The Charlie Daniels Band Cover)
  1. Percussion/Drum Solo
  2. The Wind
  3. America the Beautiful (Samuel A. Ward and Katharine Lee Bates Cover)
  4. Chicken Fried