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Sun, May 19, 2024

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Sep 13
Slash at Best Buy Theater in New York, NY, USA
Slash No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Before the main show, Slash played guitar on an original song called "Things Will Pass" with Type II
  1. Birthday (jam with many of the special guests in attendance) (The Beatles Cover)
  2. Miss You (Jesse Malin on vocals and Jeremy Piven on drums) (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  3. Dead Flowers (Gilby Clarke on vocals) (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  4. Tijuana Jail (Gilby Clarke on vocals) (Gilby Clarke Cover)
  5. Wish You Were Here (Atif Aslam on vocals) (Pink Floyd Cover)
  6. Always on the Run (Lisa Kekaula on vocals) (Lenny Kravitz Cover)
  7. Hey Joe (Jimmy Gnecco on vocals) (The Leaves Cover)
  8. Mama Kin (Carl Restivo on vocals) (Aerosmith Cover)
  9. Superstition (Jill Sobule on vocals) (Stevie Wonder Cover)
  10. Slither (Jimmy Gnecco on vocals) (Velvet Revolver Cover)
  11. It's So Easy (Jimmy Gnecco on vocals) (Guns N’ Roses Cover)
  12. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Reeve Carney on vocals) (Bob Dylan Cover)
  13. God Save the Queen ("Handsome" Dick Manitoba on vocals) (Sex Pistols Cover)
  14. Kick Out the Jams ("Handsome" Dick Manitoba on vocals) (MC5 Cover)