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Tue, May 21, 2024

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Apr 19
John Waite at Ampere in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
John Waite Rough & Tumble Tour
  1. Change (Spider Cover)
  2. Back on My Feet Again (The Babys Cover)
  3. Evil
  4. Mr. Wonderful
  5. In Dreams
  6. When I See You Smile (Bad English Cover)
  7. Better Off Gone
  8. Best of What I Got (Bad English Cover)
  9. Suicide Life
  10. Time Stood Still (Bad English Cover)
  11. Whenever You Come Around (Vince Gill Cover)
  12. If You've Got the Time (The Babys Cover)
  13. Downtown
  14. Missing You
  15. Rough & Tumble
  16. Every Time I Think of You (The Babys Cover)
  1. Head First (The Babys Cover)
  2. Sweet Rhode Island Red (Ike & Tina Turner Cover)