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Thu, Aug 5, 2021

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Jul 22
Asia, Yes at Innsbrook Pavilion in Glen Allen, VA, USA
Asia In The Present Tour
  1. Wildest Dreams
  2. Only Time Will Tell
  3. An Extraordinary Life
  4. Video Killed the Radio Star (Buggles Cover)
  5. The Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson Cover)
  6. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (acoustic)
  7. Don't Cry (acoustic)
  8. Fanfare for the Common Man (with drum solo) (Aaron Copland Cover)
  9. Sole Survivor
  10. Heat of the Moment
Yes In The Present
  1. The Firebird Suite (Igor Stravinsky Cover)
  2. Siberian Khatru
  3. I've Seen All Good People
  4. Tempus Fugit
  5. Astral Traveller
  6. And You and I
  7. Winter, 2nd movement (Steve Howe solo) (Antonio Vivaldi Cover)
  8. Owner of a Lonely Heart
  9. Machine Messiah
  10. Roundabout
  11. Heart of the Sunrise
  1. Starship Trooper