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Wed, May 18, 2022

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Jan 28
Velvet Revolver at Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines, IA, USA
Velvet Revolver Rock N' Roll As It Should Be
  1. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Duff on vocals) (The Stooges Cover)
  2. Let It Roll
  3. She Mine
  4. Sucker Train Blues
  5. Do It for the Kids
  6. Superhuman
  7. Big Machine
  8. American Man
  9. Vasoline (Stone Temple Pilots Cover)
  10. The Last Fight
  11. Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots Cover)
  12. Patience (Guns N’ Roses Cover)
  13. She Builds Quick Machines
  14. Get Out the Door
  15. Fall to Pieces
  16. It's So Easy (Guns N’ Roses Cover)
  17. Set Me Free
  18. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover)
  19. Mr. Brownstone (Guns N’ Roses Cover)
  20. Sex Type Thing (Stone Temple Pilots Cover)
  21. Slither