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Wed, Jul 24, 2024

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Sep 27
Los Lobos, Los Lobos+Money Mark at The Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Los Lobos No Tour Assigned
  1. Whiskey Trail
  2. Luz de mi vida
  3. The Neighborhood
  4. Hold On
  5. Don't Worry Baby
  6. Chuco's Cumbia
  7. One Time One Night
  8. Georgia Slop (Jimmy McCracklin Cover)
  9. The Town
  10. Maria Christina
  11. Let's Say Goodnight
  12. Ay te dejo en San Antonio (Santiago Jiménez Cover)
  13. How Much Can I Do?
  14. The Road to Gila Bend
  15. I Got Loaded (with Lovelight verse) (Little Bob & The Lollipops Cover)
  16. Not Fade Away (The Crickets Cover)
  17. Bertha (Grateful Dead Cover)
  18. Good Morning Aztlán
  1. Cumbia raza
  2. La bamba ([traditional] Cover)
  3. Más y más
Los Lobos+Money Mark
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