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Wed, Jul 24, 2024

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Jun 18
Bon Jovi, Helloween, Paradise Lost at Óbudai-Sziget in Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Bon Jovi These Days
  1. Lay Your Hands on Me
  2. Bad Medicine
  3. All I Want Is Everything
  4. You Give Love a Bad Name
  5. Runaway
  6. Bed of Roses
  7. Rockin' All Over the World (John Fogerty Cover)
  8. Blood on Blood
  9. Wanted Dead or Alive (Acoustic)
  10. I'd Die for You (Acoustic)
  11. In These Arms (Acoustic)
  12. Something for the Pain
  13. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
  14. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (with a snippet of Brown Sugar by The Rolling Stones)
  15. Keep the Faith
  1. Always
  2. Blaze of Glory (Jon Bon Jovi Cover)
  3. These Days
Encore 2
  1. Because the Night (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  2. Damned
  3. Livin' on a Prayer
Encore 3
  1. Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young Cover)
Helloween The Time of the Oath Tour
  1. Future World
  2. The Chance
  3. Before the War
  4. The Time of the Oath
  5. Why?
  6. Eagle Fly Free
  7. Dr. Stein
  8. How Many Tears
Paradise Lost
  1. Enchantment
  2. Shadowkings
  3. Remembrance
  4. As I Die
  5. Forever Failure
  6. Walk Away (The Sisters of Mercy Cover)
  7. Hallowed Land
  8. Once Solemn
  9. True Belief
  10. The Last Time