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Sat, May 27, 2023

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May 26
Robert Plant at Wings Stadium in Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Robert Plant Non Stop Go
  1. Helen of Troy
  2. Other Arms
  3. Billy's Revenge
  4. In the Evening (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  5. In the Mood
  6. Black Country Woman (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  7. Ship of Fools
  8. Dimples (John Lee Hooker Cover)
  9. Trampled Under Foot (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  10. Heaven Knows
  11. Misty Mountain Hop (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  1. Big Log
  2. Gambler's Blues (B.B. King Cover)
  3. Tall Cool One
  4. Back in the U.S.S.R. (The Beatles Cover)