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Tue, Jan 25, 2022

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Apr 4
Joy Division, The Stranglers at Rainbow Theatre in London, England, UK
Joy Division Pre-Closer
NOTE: During the final song "Atrocity Exhibition", Ian Curtis had an epileptic fit brought on by the strobe lights and collapsed backwards into the drum kit.
  1. Dead Souls
  2. Wilderness
  3. Heart and Soul
  4. Decades
  5. She's Lost Control
  6. Shadowplay
  7. Atrocity Exhibition
The Stranglers No Tour Assigned
NOTE: without Hugh Cornwell, but with a multitude of guests.
  1. (Get a) Grip (on Yourself)
  2. Hanging Around
  3. Tank
  4. Threatened
  5. Toiler on the Sea
  6. The Raven
  7. Shah Shah a Go Go
  8. Ice
  9. Dead Loss Angeles
  10. Nice 'n' Sleazy
  11. Bring On the Nubiles
  12. Peaches
  13. Bear Cage
  14. Duchess
  15. No More Heroes
  16. 5 Minutes
  17. Something Better Change
  18. Down in the Sewer
  19. Do the European (Jean‐Jacques Burnel Cover)
  20. Go Buddy Go