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Sat, Apr 4, 2020

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Feb 20
Nektar at The Linda in Albany, NY, USA
NOTE: Soundcheck: It's All Over, Dream Nebula (snippet), Love is / The Other Side, Dream Nebuls, Look Thru Me, A Tab in the Ocean, It's All Over
  1. The Light Beyond
  2. A Tab in the Ocean
  3. Devil's Door
  4. Love Is/The Other Side
  5. The Dream Nebula, Part 1
  6. The Dream Nebula, Part 2
  7. It's All in the Mind
  8. Drifting
  9. Cryin' in the Dark
  10. King of Twilight
  11. It's All Over
  12. Remember the Future, Part 2
  1. Look Through Me
  2. I'm on Fire
  3. Fidgety Queen
  4. Good Day