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Fri, Feb 28, 2020

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Nov 1
Against Me!, Less Than Jake at Bo Diddley Plaza in Gainesville, FL, USA
Against Me! 2 Nights/ 4 Records/ 48 Songs
Searching for a Former Clarity
  1. Miami
  2. Mediocrity Gets You Pears (The Shaker)
  3. Justin
  4. Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners
  5. From Her Lips to God's Ears (The Energizer)
  6. Violence
  7. Pretty Girls (The Mover)
  8. How Low
  9. Joy
  10. Holy Shit!
  11. Even at Our Worst, We're Still Better Than Most (The Roller)
  12. Problems
  13. Don't Lose Touch
  14. Searching for a Former Clarity
New Wave
  1. New Wave
  2. Up the Cuts
  3. White People for Peace
  4. Stop!
  5. Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart
  6. Piss and Vinegar
  7. Americans Abroad
  8. Animal (Last time this song will be played live)
  9. The Ocean
  10. Thrash Unreal
Less Than Jake
  1. Gainesville Rock City
  2. Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts
  3. Nervous in the Alley
  4. Dopeman
  5. Plastic Cup Politics
  6. Motto
  7. Automatic
  8. The Ghosts of Me and You
  9. Things Change
  10. History of a Boring Town
  11. The Science of Selling Yourself Short
  12. Al's War
  13. She's Gonna Break Soon
  14. Look What Happened
  15. Escape from the A-Bomb House
  16. All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
  17. The Rest of My Life
  18. Last One Out of Liberty City