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Thu, Jul 9, 2020

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May 4
Best Coast, Chevy Metal, Everclear, Sugar Ray, Violent Femmes at Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Best Coast
  1. The Only Place
  2. So Unaware
  3. Last Year
  4. This Lonely Morning
  5. Goodbye
  6. Summer Mood
  7. Crazy for You
  8. Heaven Sent
  9. California Nights
  10. Feeling OK
  11. Rainbow Connection (The Muppets Cover)
  12. Run Through My Head (live debut)
  13. When I'm With You
  14. Our Deal
  15. When Will I Change
  16. Boyfriend
Chevy Metal No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Webcast live on YouTube
  1. Hot for Teacher (Van Halen Cover)
  2. Romeo Delight (Van Halen Cover)
  3. Runnin' With the Devil (Van Halen Cover)
  4. Eruption (Van Halen Cover)
  5. You Really Got Me (The Kinks Cover)
  6. Feel Your Love Tonight (Van Halen Cover)
  7. Panama (Van Halen Cover)
  8. I'm the One (Van Halen Cover)
  9. Drop Dead Legs (Van Halen Cover)
  10. Mean Street (Van Halen Cover)
  11. Everybody Wants Some!! (Van Halen Cover)
  12. Jamie's Cryin' (Van Halen Cover)
  13. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (with Pat Wilson) (Van Halen Cover)
Everclear No Tour Assigned
  1. Summerland
  2. Heroin Girl
  3. Father of Mine
  4. Heartspark Dollarsign
  5. White Men in Black Suits
  6. Amphetamine
  7. Wonderful
  8. Song from an American Movie, Part 1
  9. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison Cover)
  10. Guitar Duel
  11. AM Radio
  12. I Will Buy You a New Life
  13. Molly's Lips (The Vaselines Cover)
  14. Santa Monica
Sugar Ray No Tour Assigned
  1. Words to Me
  2. Someday
  3. Every Morning
  4. Coconut Bay
  5. Answer the Phone
  6. When It's Over
  7. Highest Tree
  8. Mean Machine
  9. Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover)
  10. Fly (snippet of What I Got by Sublime)
Violent Femmes No Tour Assigned
  1. This Free Ride
  2. Nightmares
  3. Blister in the Sun
  4. Kiss Off
  5. Another Chorus
  6. American Music
  7. Memory
  8. I'm Not Gonna Cry
  9. Old Mother Reagan
  10. Gimme the Car
  11. Color Me Once
  12. Black Girls
  13. Gone Daddy Gone
  14. I'm Nothing
  15. Redondo Beach (Patti Smith Cover)
  16. Add It Up