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Sat, Sep 26, 2020

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Feb 14
Dropkick Murphys at Le Zénith in Paris, Île-de-France, France
Dropkick Murphys Celtic Punk Invasion
  1. The Foggy Dew (The Chieftains Cover)
  2. Out of Our Heads
  3. Citizen C.I.A.
  4. The Gang's All Here
  5. The Warrior's Code
  6. Prisoner's Song
  7. Rose Tattoo
  8. Rocky Road to Dublin (D.K. Gavan Cover)
  9. Walk Don't Run
  10. Cruel
  11. The Auld Triangle (Brendan Behan Cover)
  12. Famous for Nothing
  13. Peg O' My Heart (Charles Harrison Cover)
  14. The State of Massachusetts
  15. Pipebomb on Landsowne
  16. The Wild Rover ([traditional] Cover)
  17. Going Out in Style
  18. The Outcast
  19. Sunday Hardcore Matinee
  20. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya
  21. Barroom Hero (Final verse and chorus only)
  22. Boys on the Docks
  23. Caps and Bottles (performed by Bryan McPherson, Dropkick Murphys join in at the end of the song)
  24. I'm Shipping Up to Boston (with Bryan McPherson and members of Blood or Whiskey and The Mahones)
  1. The Boys Are Back
  2. Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced
  3. Skinhead on the MBTA
  4. If the Kids Are United (Sham 69 Cover)