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Sat, Jul 11, 2020

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Aug 20
Geoff Tate's Queensrÿche at The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, TX, USA
Geoff Tate's Queensrÿche Queensrÿche Starring Geoff Tate - The Farewell Tour
  1. Best I Can (Queensrÿche Cover)
  2. Breakdown (Queensrÿche Cover)
  3. Another Rainy Night (Without You) (Queensrÿche Cover)
  4. Cold
  5. Real World (Queensrÿche Cover)
  6. I Am I (Queensrÿche Cover)
  7. The Needle Lies (Queensrÿche Cover)
  8. Della Brown (Queensrÿche Cover)
  9. The Thin Line (Queensrÿche Cover)
  10. Breaking the Silence (Queensrÿche Cover)
  11. I Don't Believe in Love (Queensrÿche Cover)
  1. Silent Lucidity (Queensrÿche Cover)
  2. Jet City Woman (Queensrÿche Cover)
  3. Empire (Queensrÿche Cover)
  4. Eyes of a Stranger (Queensrÿche Cover)