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Mon, Oct 22, 2018

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Nov 19
Thirty Seconds to Mars at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Thirty Seconds to Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams
  1. Birth (w/ Taiko Drummers)
  2. Night of the Hunter
  3. Search and Destroy (LLFD Tour Drum Arrangement; Ext. Final Chorus; Ext. Outro)
  4. Conquistador
  5. Do or Die (Acapella Intro; Acapella Outro)
  6. Depuis Le D├ębut (w/ acrobat)
  7. Bright Lights (Shannon on electronic drum set)
  8. City of Angels (Sing-a-long Intro; w/ Taiko Drummers)
  9. Pyres of Varanasi (w/ acrobats; Ext. Outro)
  1. Hurricane
  2. Alibi
  3. Happy Birthday to You (To a fan who gave Jared a kilt) (Mildred J. Hill & Patty Hill Cover)
  4. The Kill (Bury Me)
  1. Stay (Rihanna Cover)
  2. Closer to the Edge (Chant Intro; Ext. Outro)
  1. Kings and Queens
  2. Up in the Air (Guitar Intro; Ext. Bridge; w/ Taiko Drummers; fans onstage)