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Sat, Oct 24, 2020

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Sep 21
Against Me!, Best Coast, Bosnian Rainbows, Guided by Voices, Iggy and The Stooges, The Dear Hunter, The Replacements at May Farms in Byers, CO, USA
Against Me!
  1. FuckMyLife666
  2. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
  3. Cliché Guevara
  4. Unconditional Love
  5. New Wave
  6. I Was a Teenage Anarchist
  7. Don't Lose Touch
  8. Transgender Dysphoria Blues
  9. Turn Those Clapping Hands Into Angry Balled Fists
  10. True Trans Soul Rebel
  11. Drinking With the Jocks
  12. White People for Peace
  13. Walking Is Still Honest
  14. Black Me Out
  15. Thrash Unreal
  16. Sink, Florida, Sink
Best Coast No Tour Assigned
  1. Goodbye
  2. Crazy for You
  3. I Wanna Know
  4. Summer Mood
  5. Last Year
  6. The Only Place
  7. This Early Morning
  8. No One Like You
  9. Fear of My Identity
  10. When the Sun Don't Shine
  11. Our Deal
  12. I Want To
  13. Do You Love Me Like You Used To
  14. When I'm With You
  15. Boyfriend
  16. Each and Every Day
Bosnian Rainbows No Tour Assigned
no setlist available
Guided by Voices No Tour Assigned
  1. W/ Glass in Foot
  2. Fair Touching
  3. Wished I Was a Giant
  4. Smothered in Hugs
  5. Xeno Pariah
  6. Islands (She Talks in Rainbows)
  7. Shocker in Gloomtown
  8. Teenage FBI
  9. The Challenge Is Much More
  10. Spiderfighter
  11. No Transmission
  12. Cut-Out Witch
  13. How I Met My Mother
  14. Game of Pricks
  15. We Won't Apologize for the Human Race
  16. Mincer Ray
  17. He Rises! Our Union Bellboy
  18. Echos Myron
  19. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
  20. I Am a Scientist
  21. Quality of Armor
  22. Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy
Iggy and The Stooges No Tour Assigned
  1. Raw Power
  2. Gimme Danger
  3. Gun
  4. 1970 (The Stooges Cover)
  5. Search and Destroy
  6. Fun House (The Stooges Cover)
  7. Beyond the Law (Iggy Pop and James Williamson Cover)
  8. Johanna (Iggy Pop Cover)
  9. Ready to Die
  10. I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges Cover)
  11. No Fun (The Stooges Cover)
  12. The Passenger (Iggy Pop Cover)
  13. I Got a Right
  14. Cock in My Pocket
  15. Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell
  16. Sex and Money
The Dear Hunter No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Incomplete
  1. Bring You Down
  2. Home
The Replacements Reunion Tour
  1. Takin a Ride
  2. I'm in Trouble
  3. Favorite Thing
  4. Shiftless When Idle
  5. Hangin Downtown
  6. Jingle Jangle Jingle (Kay Kyser Cover)
  7. Color Me Impressed
  8. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out (with Jimi Hendrix Third Stone from the Sun snippet)
  9. Kiss Me on the Bus
  10. Achin' to Be
  11. Androgynous
  12. I Will Dare
  13. Love You Till Friday
  14. Maybellene (Chuck Berry Cover)
  15. Merry Go Round
  16. Wake Up
  17. Borstal Breakout (Sham 69 Cover)
  18. Little Mascara
  19. Left of the Dial
  20. Alex Chilton
  21. I Don't Know (with Buck Hill in the middle section)
  22. Hold My Life
  23. Hello, Goodbye (The Beatles Cover)
  24. Can't Hardly Wait
  25. Bastards of Young
  1. Hootenanny
  2. Detroit Rock City (Paul on drums and vocals, Tommy on guitar and vocals) (KISS Cover)
  3. Substitute (snippet, Tommy on guitar and lead vocals) (The Who Cover)