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Wed, May 22, 2019

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Mar 15
Golden Earring at Hanzehal in Zutphen, Gelderland, Netherlands
Golden Earring Tits 'n Ass
  1. Identical (with Bertus Borgers)
  2. Little Time Bomb (with Bertus Borgers)
  3. Another 45 Miles
  4. Still Got the Keys to My First Cadillac (with Bertus Borgers)
  5. Mission Impossible (with Bertus Borgers)
  6. The Devil Made Me Do It (with Bertus Borgers)
  7. Twilight Zone
  8. Going to the Run
  9. When the Lady Smiles
  10. Avenue of Broken Dreams
  11. Long Blond Animal
  12. Johnny Make Believe
  13. Bass solo
  14. Radar Love (with Drum Solo)
  1. What Do I Know About Love (with Bertus Borgers)
  2. She Flies on Strange Wings (with Bertus Borgers)
  3. Holy Holy Life (with Bertus Borgers)