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Sun, Jun 16, 2019

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Oct 12
Sammy Hagar at Cabo Wabo in San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Sammy Hagar Birthday Bash 2009
  1. LOUD
  2. Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  3. Rock Candy (Montrose Cover)
  4. Going Down (The Alabama State Troupers Cover)
  5. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  6. Good Enough (Van Halen Cover)
  7. Poundcake (Van Halen Cover)
  8. Why Can't This Be Love (Van Halen Cover)
  9. Runaround (Van Halen Cover)
  10. Top of the World (Van Halen Cover)
  11. Runnin' With the Devil (Van Halen Cover)
  12. Finish What Ya Started (Van Halen Cover)
  13. Right Now (Van Halen Cover)
  14. Heavy Metal